Why do i need proxies?

Dealing with free and bad proxy providers

Using other proxy providers not meant for releases or have no sneaker related info will be temp or perm banned on the release every single time and they will not refund you for this because it is bot related use. Don’t deal with the hassle of getting instantly banned and losing on the whole release because you got proxies that are not made for high demand releases. ATCproxys provides UNBANNABLE proxies on real residential and datacenter connections! No BS, Just success! Purchase unbannable proxies here with up to 4000GBPS AND 1 ms ping!

Chicago Proxy Test 0ms Ping

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The Key to Success

The use of proxies when trying to go for any crazy shoe release or clothing from a popular website is the only way to successfully checkout. Keep in mind that the proxies are only one part of the equation. A bot is required to do the keyword or link monitoring, adding to cart, and checking out. Below you can find some of our customer success.


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red Bred CP9652 Success


Yeezy V2 x3

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red Bred CP9652 Success

Supreme x The North Face

Packer X Adidas NMD


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red Bred CP9652 Success

No ATC Proxies – Real World Results – Not so good

Below is one computer with no proxies running 4 slots on a supreme drop. This is the typical setup of any newbie that just purchased a bot and we have all learned the hard way. If you haven’t and are reading this you’re already ahead. The 1 Ip address is your home computer. When you start your bot your home ip address is instantly banned because the firewall sees the same computer trying to access the site in record speed that isn’t possible from a human to do. Supreme, Nike, Adidas, Footsites all have anti DDOS attack filters which pick up your bots actions and ban you.

Sneaker Bot Proxies Error

Service Unavailable – Site Down!

Most sites crash on big drops if they do not have the proper firewall to block multiple hundreds of thousands of requests from the same computer. We are not tricking the site into thinking we are more than one computer so this is where proxies come in.

Infographic showing why you need proxies

1 Computer using no ATC Proxies

The second run we learned our lesson and have purchased proxies. We are using 4 proxies to run 4 slots and hopefully check out 4 items from supreme. Each one of our slots we set up on our bot is assigned to a single proxy. When we hit start tasks each slot logs in using our proxy and now we look like 4 different customers. The firewall does not pick us up at all now and we can check out multiple items in seconds with no bans.

Infographic showing why you need proxies

1 Computer Using 4 ATC Proxies

You can still get proxies banned of course by abusing them. We recommend running one proxy per task to protect your proxies and avoiding bans for the duration of your service. Also all tasks should be started up to 2 mins before a drop.
Would a human be searching a site 5 mins before a drop at super speeds? Nope so run as close to the drop time as possible. The ATCproxys team starts 60 seconds before a drop and we have never seen any bans.

Our proxies come in datacenter and residential sneaker proxy packages of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and custom amounts and can be purchased below.

Residential Proxies

We offer Residential Sneaker proxies with custom endpoints for any location. Our master proxy lets you change the locations in seconds without any hard to deal with configurations. All residential proxies come in a username and password format, easy to import into any sneaker bot.

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Datacenter Proxies

If you are looking for speed and unbanned subnets we are the provider for you. Our datacenter proxies are not blacklisted like our competors. Most proxies will work up until the release and then boom – subnet ban. We keep our subnets safe by not overselling so you can get more sneakers!

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