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Google Cloud

OREGON (us-west1) LOS ANGELES (us-west2) IOWA (us-central1) SOUTH CAROLINA (us-east1) N. VIRGINIA (us-east4) MONTRÉAL (northamerica-northeast1) SÃO PAULO (southamerica-east1) LONDON (europe-west2) BELGIUM (europe-west1) NETHERLANDS (europe-west4) ZURICH (europe-west6) FRANKFURT (europe-west3) FINLAND (europe-north1) MUMBAI (asia-south1) SINGAPORE (asia-southeast1) HONG KONG (asia-east2) TAIWAN (asia-east1) TOKYO (asia-northeast1) OSAKA (asia-northeast2) SYDNEY (australia-southeast1)

Digital Ocean

NYC1, NYC2, NYC3: New York City, United States. AMS2, AMS3: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SFO1, SFO2: San Francisco, United States. SGP1: Singapore. LON1: London, United Kingdom. FRA1: Frankfurt, Germany. TOR1: Toronto, Canada. BLR1: Bangalore, India.

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