Datacenter Proxies Reseller Plan

Datacenter Proxies Reseller Plan

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Software providers and marketing professionals can partner with to sell proxies to their customers.

We Offer Resellers:

  • A volume-based discount structure
  • An unbranded control panel installed on your website for free

Pricing Structure:

  • Datacenter Control Panel Install to your Website $50
  • 10 Orders $2.25 per proxy
  • 25 Orders $2 per proxy
  • 50 Orders $1.75 per proxy
  • 100 Orders $1.60 per proxy


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You will be responsible for selling, taking payment, then purchasing from our site.


Client pays you whatever you charge for a proxy plan, you then will use your coupon code to purchase the proxies from us at a discount. The proxy control panel will be emailed to you. You provide the user the username and password and they will go to your control panel and log in to get and manage the proxies.




Username: 107062

Password: 67DtZK3qM


Please go to to login.


You will have a custom login area on your own site just as the one sent above.


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