Banned and Failed Proxy Support

Release proxies will not work until the following times.









In order for us to correctly check to see what issues you are having you are required to complete the following steps.

  1. Before submitting a ticket you need to hard test the proxy. Bot tests that show failed/403/etc are not accepted and do not help us find what your issue is.
  2. Put the proxy in your web browser, if you do not know how please watch our tutorial below or check out our dedicated step by step page

For datacenter proxies, you will see the IP address that you put into the proxy settings when going to myip
For residential proxies, you will see a completely different address when going to myip
After seeing your proxy IP as your own you can now visit the sites in question to see if you can access them.
After successfully checking and browsing the site your hard test is complete!
You can now add your proxies to your bot and run any release for Yeezy, Supreme or Adidas!
If you have any questions as to why your bot is showing banned, failed, 403, or forbidden, you will have to contact your bots support team as they clearly have an issue with their testing methods.

Proxy error connecting
Proxy error connecting

If you see an error saying Access Denied please read the error as it may ask you to add your IP address to the list of authorized users via your control panel.
This error will also show when trying to connect to a site that you have been banned from. If you see the error when connecting to a specific site you have been banned. Please do not keep attempting to use the proxy as the ban is usually temporary and will fall off. Multiple requests after being banned will result in a longer or permanent ban.

If you are still having issues please screenshot your browser proxy settings “do not use an extension” and also screenshot any error produced by your web browser. All screenshots from proxy testing software will be ignored as they do not work 75% of the time and give false positives.



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